Talking Therapy

Emotional problems can come on all of a sudden, for instance, after a marital breakdown or the loss of a job, or they can gradually build over time, perhaps due to a build-up of life stresses or due to some longstanding unresolved personal problems.

One of the hurdles we must overcome when we experience any kind of emotional problem is taking those first steps towards change. It is normal to experience a sense of anxiety or perhaps embarrassment about seeing a therapist. One of the key messages we share with our clients is that mental health problems are entirely normal and very common; in fact, figures show that one in four of us will experience some form of emotional distress over the course of a year.

The goal of talking therapy is to develop a shared understanding of your problems and to find ways to manage difficult emotions. We believe that learning to reinterpret negative emotional experiences and developing ways to tolerate uncomfortable feelings can lead to growth and improved psychological health.

Psychle offers evidence-based therapeutic approaches to our clients. It is our belief that people's life experiences are unique and we adapt our treatments to suit the needs of the individual.

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